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Welcome to!

New Home of Sue's Boutique!


Welcome to the Purple Turtle formerly known as Sue's Boutique and Gift Shop.

Sue Wheatley, long time resident of Anegada and wife of the late Lowell Wheatley, has just opened a new larger shop. Her business has expanded greatly over the years and she now finds it necessary to move to a larger space.

Her new shop is called "Purple Turtle" and is a few steps down the road from the shop she ran for fifteen years at the Anegada Reef Hotel. It is situated next door to Kenneth's Gas Station and has a bright purple roof!

Purple Turtle carries both traditional tourist and resort items as well as a wide selection of gift items, jewelry and clothing for men and women. Purple Turtle also offers a mailing service, internet connection and sells telephone cards. Cold beer and bottles of wine, liquor, medication and sundries are also available.

For an information service for visitors, to call a taxi for beach trips and island tours, even make dinner reservations, the Purple Turtle will assist you.

The Purple Turtle offers customers a modern, elegant setting roomier display areas, and a veranda on which to linger. Together with soft Caribbean music to browse the fine selection of merchandise, Sue invites you to visit her new location.

For further details, you can:

 call the shop at 284 495 8062
or fax 284 495 2231
or e-mail us at:

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